Why healthy introspection is what you need

The world, seemingly closing its borders
A dystopian world, ruled by augmented reality https://vimeo.com/166807261

So what the hell do you do in all of this? You turn within.

Ayahuasca, an Amazonian psychedelic brew has become increasingly popular in the west for people seeking a deeply introspective experience. Radical measures?

What I am saying is you live in a world where external influences are more powerful than they have ever been, and every powerful stakeholder wants to sway you one way or another.

Hypnotized into buying
Where to?

You incorporate elements in your routine that allow you to regularly disconnect from external stimuli and reconnect with yourself


  • Write three pages in the morning about what crosses your mind: But really you’ll end up writing about yourself. This exercise comes from the amazing book called The Artist’s Way, and its purpose is to reconnect with your inner creative. I find this exercise very useful as you also reconnect with yourself period. You realise what upsets you, what drives you and lots of surprising things boil to the surface. Really, try and stick it out for at least 3 months, and then you might get hooked. You become more self-perceptive, which is one of the most useful skills to have.
  • Meditate: Seriously sit your bum quietly for anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes and focus on your breathing and take some time just to check in on yourself. It’s a great exercise to recenter yourself. You might pick up on whether you are overworked, unhealthy or just plain happy. Try the headspace app.
  • When you get upset, focus on 3 breaths until your blood cools down: A good friend of mine used to call it the drone effect. Just imagine being a little drone flying 3m above your head, just to distance yourself from the issue at hand so your blood has these 3 seconds to cool down before you react.


  • Exercise: I know, yet another blogpost that tells me to work out. Don’t look at your phone, just focus on the physical effort. When you are at the gym / running / swimming, you are nowhere else. It is your break from the world and opportunity to recharge.
  • Read a book continuously for an hour: Our attention span is diminishing, hence the ability to focus on one thing for an hour is an invaluable skill that we now need to learn to retrain.
  • Don’t check your phone when with friends: Try and be present in conversations, and listen attentively to what your friends are telling you. The quality of the listening between friends is one of the best indicators of healthy and meaningful relationships. And sometimes good friends can be good reflectors of who you really are.

You become more self-perceptive, which is one of the most useful skills to have.

That rooting within yourself gives you strength to say no to things that aren’t good for you




Product management / tech / the envionment

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Alexandre Karim Howard

Alexandre Karim Howard

Product management / tech / the envionment

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